Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder by Eva Edelman: Acclaim

Acclaim from Leading Practitioners and Researchers

"This is the first comprehensive volume on nutritional approaches for bipolar disorder ever written. I believe it will be a valuable resource for researchers, clinicians, and families alike. It is required reading for our research and medical staff."
William J Walsh, PhD, Founder, Walsh Research Institute

"A much-needed compendium of natural approaches to treating bipolar illness. Rather than forcing patients into the one-size-fits-all chemical strait-jacket of medications (and their side effects), we can actually treat the problem at its root cause, by taking specific, individually-tailored nutrients to correct the underlying imbalances. This approach works wonders for my own psychiatric patients, and can for you too."
Hyla Cass, MD, Author of Supplement Your Prescription and 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

"An excellent compendium... reminded me of the compendiums that are released each year by Big Pharma. The major difference is that... your compendium... deals with the value of a large number of nutrients... essential for the body, and comprises the subject matter of orthomolecular medicine; while the drug compendiums are full of information about the toxicity and dangers of drugs. The tragedy is that the drug compendiums are widely distributed, and the negative information therein often ignored. It would be a major gift to humanity if your excellent book were distributed as widely, and attended to.
I think that every person who values his or her own health and the health of others should have the information you have gathered into such a useful volume. It just may save their lives."
Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD, Father of Orthomolecular Medicine 

"An incredible source of information - A copy should be given to every doctor on the first day of medical school. This book will save lives!"
Maggie McClure, DC, Founder, Millennial House

"Eva Edelman has completed another masterpiece, doing for bipolar disorder what she did for schizophrenia. It's a classic work people will refer to for years to come, and a must-read for anyone interested at all in bipolar disorder."
Michael Lesser, MD, Author, The Brain Chemistry Plan, and Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy

"I love your book - a well-organized and fully-documented compendium of orthomolecular/nutritional solutions, with relevant labs to determine cause, and therapies which use the real chemicals that sustain life in humans - this in-depth work is a valuable gift to all natural health practitioners."
Joan Matthews Larson, PhD, Founder, The Health Recovery Center, and author, 7 Weeks to Sobriety, and Depression-Free, Naturally

"The best book for informing patients (and their bewildered doctors) about the realities of bipolar disorder that I have read in my entire medical career. It is a magnificent sequel to her excellent book, Natural Healing for Schizophrenia."
Bradford S Weeks, MD, Founder, The Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry

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