Monday, June 14, 2010

Bipolar Nutrients: Pyroluria mineral balances

With the relatively high doses of zinc and B6 (or P5P) for pyroluria, the balance with other minerals becomes an important consideration.

Manganese is given almost routinely to pyrolurics, in whom it is usually depleted, and then decreased further by the high supplemental zinc.

Insufficient manganese can foster depression and memory problems, and compromise sugar and protein metabolism, and joint function.
On the other hand, excess can raise blood pressure in susceptible persons, and may contribute to movement disorders in histadelics.

Pyroluric dosage is typically 5-20 mg, depending on individual requirements (Dr. Joan Larson, PhD)

Zinc/ B6 (or P5P)/ manganese imbalances can foster seizures.
Thus, untreated pyrolurics are prone to seizures. Similarly, nutrient intake must be fine-tuned to support neurological stability.

See more on magnesium in my blogpost on May 10th, and the two posts on April 20th. 

Magnesium/B6 balance

Dr. Bernard Rimland, PhD, finds magnesium helps prevent sound sensitivity and irritability from excess B6.

Copper/Zinc Balance
After months of high zinc, the pyroluric sometimes needs very small quantities of copper to support zinc absorption, or to prevent anemia, support antioxidant and immune function, or nourish the musculoskeletal system.
On the other hand, if given too much, the pyroluric will worsen, and psychosis or other severe symptoms may emerge.
-- Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD

Urinary pyrroles
B6: EGOT, red cell P5P
plasma or red cell zinc, copper, magnesium
whole blood manganese
Also consider symptomatic response. 

Actual treatment must be tailored to each patient's unique biochemical requirements. So, if you need treatment for bipolar disorder, consult a knowledgeable physician.

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