Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy spring! Vitamin D and mania?

Vitamin D helps balance blood sugar, promote natural biorhythms, counter  free radicals, and protect against allergies and seizures, actions likely to support mood-stability.
Several thousand IU doses have recently become popular.
See:  vitamindcouncil.org/mentalIllness.shtml

Most bipolars know that increasing seasonal sunlight may trigger spring/summer mania
See: http://boragebooks.com/bipolar_8_biorhythms.html
But what role does vitamin D play?

1 - Vitamin D supports the creation of thyroid hormone, and of the major antidepressant neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine; and it helps with calcium use; altogether suggesting  antidepressant activity. And that is just what researchers are reporting. (See, for instance, Vieth 2004, Gloth 1999, Landsdowne 1998)
Thus, D seems to be antidepressant, so is potentially promanic.   See previous entry, Therapeutic Moderation, & Attention to Causes

2- Vitamin D is created by the interaction of sunlight with skin. Levels typically increase about 50% over the year, from approximately 16 ng/mL in winter to 24  in the summer. Vieth 2004
Schneider 2000 found levels in depressives at 80% that of normals.
If the continuum holds, manics would have above-normal levels.

Question is, especially in those bipolars prone to mania as hours of sun increase, does several thousand IU of supplemental D, at a time when body levels are already rising, further fuel those manias...  making temporary intake reductions advisable?

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