Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nutrients and Bipolar Mania: Magnesium: Some of the research

Some of the research:

Weston, 1921 — IV magnesium sulfate produced relaxation, sleep, and sedation in 50 patients with mania, agitation or agitated depression.

Blabicher 1997 — IV magnesium sulfate was effective as an adjunct for severe mania.

Heiden 1999 — seven of ten severely agitated treatment-resistant manics improved markedly on up to 23 days of IV magnesium sulfate, added to medication. Neuroleptic and benzo doses were able to be significantly reduced.

Giannini 2000 — magnesium oxide augmentation of verapamil was significantly more effective for mania as compared to controls on the drug alone.

Chouinard 1990 —  response in at least 50% of severe, treatment-resistant, rapid cyclers was equivalent to, or better than, that to lithium.

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