Monday, July 26, 2010

Bipolar Nutrients: Comments on GABA/ Glutamate

A great introduction to GABA from EJD. (previous post)
Some cautions:

1 Many manics do seem to do better with GABA, taurine, magnesium glycinate, (and skullcap, theanine, etc.),* in various combinations, as per individual requirements. Similarly, see:  Seizural/bipolar connections and inhibitory aminos 
However, keep in mind that attention to inhibitors may not be the only important therapeutic concern, and for some manic subgroups, may not even be productive. 

* And, limiting excitotoxins (like glutamate) is probably always a good idea for manics.   

2 Alcohol is not a good choice for bipolars. Virtually all studies show alcohol use significantly worsens bipolar outcome. And many bipolars (especially manics) will have a hard time keeping intake to the small amount EJD suggests as the mild GABA-increasing benefit wears off. 
Look instead to nutritive supports to increase GABA.

3 Some mania subgroups tend to improve with a few of the foods EJD warns against:
In histapenic manias, dark leafy greens can be useful, due to the high folic acid content.
In high thyroid manias, broccoli, and the sulfur-rich crucifer family, which reduces thyroid access to iodine, generally help reduce stimulation.

For descriptions of inhibitory aminos, bipolar subgroups, etc., see my book, Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder.

Reminder: The material in this blog is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical  diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Treatment must be tailored to each individual's unique biochemical requirements, including contraindications. If you need treatment for bipolar disorder, or any other medical condition, consult a knowledgeable physician. In some cases, this will be an orthomolecular or other nutritionally-oriented physician.

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