Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bipolar Nutrients: GABA/Glutamate Balance, Vitamin K2, Salicylates, Ketones

As an introduction to GABA, let's look at the perspectives of EJD. The responses to his post are also interesting.

In brief, EJD proposes:
1 GABA is the most important factor in bipolar. Low GABA/glutamate ratio fosters bipolar mania
2 Possible ways to increase GABA: valerian, theanine, taurine, skullcap, kavakava, glutamine,  calcium/magnesium, relaxation techniques. And, of course, GABA (if available), 
3 A low carb, ketogenic diet increases GABA. Vinegar before meals, acts similarly, but can gets used up too fast.
4 Vitamin K2 (modest amounts) helps neutralize glutamate, metabolizing it to a bone-building compound.
5 Restrict/avoid salicylates -- by altering dopamine, activating NMDA receptors, and inhibiting GABA -- elevate, then sink mood, and often, as well, cause brain fog (B12 helps).

He also notes that:
Dopamine is the major antidepressant neurotransmitter. Serotonin is more of a regulator of dopamine and mood, than a direct antidepressant.
Genetic changes in enzymes*  that break down catecholamines, may favor preserving adrenalin over dopamine, lending irritability to any manias.

*EJD points to COMT; a responder suggests MAO.

I include EJD's ideas here as an interesting intro to GABA, worth thinking about. But do keep in mind that this is just one person's experience and conjectures, and that EJD is neither a physician nor a medical researcher.
And remember that bipolar treatment must be tailored to each individual's unique biochemical requirements.  Not all bipolars respond well to GABA, etc..  More in the next post.

Reminder: If you need treatment for bipolar disorder, or any other medical condition, consult a knowledgeable physician. In some cases, this will be an orthomolecular or other nutritionally-oriented physician.

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  1. what would cause trembling in hand/arm, especially in the morning making it hard to write? This has been going on for 3-4 months..have tried brace, chiropractic and acupt.