Thursday, February 2, 2012

Histadelia and Methylation. Part I. Basics.

We are going to examine the methylation cycle step by step over the next several weeks, focusing on the implications for histadelia (a biotype common in bipolars, and characterized by undermethylation, folate accumulation, and high histamine -- see posts Dec 3, 2010 to Jan 27, 2011, and Nov 9, 29. )

Our purpose: to address some of those questions people tend to have about histadelia, e.g., How can folic acid supplements be harmful?  What is the connection to oxidative stress? or to sulfur sensitivity? Why is methyl B12 so important? And what does methylation do anyway? etc.

Part I: Methylation Cycle Basics 
HCY   ---via methyl-B12---   Methionine   ---via ATP---   SAMe

1 Homocysteine via methyl B12 turns into methionine.
2 Methionine via ATP and Magnesium becomes SAMe.
3 SAMe methylates body molecules and DNA.
As it loses methyl, SAMe becomes SAH, which  again forms homocysteine.
4 Homocysteine continues to cycle or, via vitamin B6, is metabolized into various sulfur molecules.

Diagram of the methylation cycle

For more info, see my book, Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this post continued. Especially for the answer to: What is the connection to oxidative stress? or to *sulfur sensitivity*?