Monday, May 24, 2010

Bipolar Nutrient Article: Integrative Medicine Approach

Again, one of the problems with starting to discuss potential mania vitamins and minerals in this blog is that it's easy to miss the wider therapeutic context -- given this medium, I can only say so much at any one time. In Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder,  on the other hand, you have it all together in one book, and can pick specifics as you are drawn to them.

So, you can either buy my book or, meanwhile, you can gain some perspective by looking at one of the better articles on bipolar:
Bipolar Disorder as Cell Membrane Dysfunction. Progress Toward Integrative Management
by Parris M Kidd, PhD, Alt Med Rev, 6/2004.

Either at:
If you choose this site, you have to click 34 times at the numbers or next button on the top.
Or you can get the pdf from Dr. Kidd's website:
Right side of page, under Brain Health Science,  third entry.

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