Friday, May 7, 2010

Bipolar Nutrients: Excessive Zinc and Oversedation

A case report (Murphy 1970),  pointed out by Dr. Pfeiffer, illustrates the sedative effects of large quantities of zinc:

A 16-year-old boy decided to use zinc for his health, but not knowing how much to take, he spread the equivalent of 12,000 mg. elemental zinc on a peanut butter sandwich.

Supplements commonly contain 10-30 mg. Pyrolurics (discussed soon, or for a starter, see ) are prescribed more (in some cases 100-150 mg, or higher), but only because they continuously neutralize and excrete zinc.
The boy consumed about a hundred times the pyroluric dose, and over a thousand times the dose most people need.)

Luckily, the peanut butter slowed zinc release and symptom onset.
What happened? He became dizzy, staggered, and his writing grew illegible. He mainly slept , and was increasingly difficult to waken over five to six days.

But as the zinc left his body, he recovered completely.

See Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder for more information on nutritional therapeutic approaches.

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