Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bipolar Vitamins and Mood Stability

In general vitamins work gradually. The right nutrients, tailored to unique individual needs, will steadily promote and build brain health (and support body health as well), because, along with oxygen, nutrients are the main constituents of brain biochemistry.
Most of the time, for bipolars, the gradual improvement that vitamins provide is ideal, as the alternative, rapid change, tends to increase cycling and ultimately destabilize mood. After all, in the abstract sense, we probably all intuit that the cure for bipolar disorder is moderation.  

Even so, rapid change is sometimes needed during life-threatening mood states. This is the point at which people are usually taken to the hospital. Wouldn't it be great if the hospital had IV orthomolecular treatment available (i.e., intravenous nutrients as per unique need)? So a person could stabilize while supporting brain function and vitality?

For some of the work now being done with IV vitamins, see:
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