Sunday, July 22, 2018

Announcing the New 2018 Edition of Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder

Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder

The 2018 edition of  Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder is out! Readers can thank Hyla Cass, MD, who impressed on me the need to update the research. So, after numerous interviews and conferences, and after pouring through the past ten years of studies, voila!
This book is a compendium of more than seven decades of scientific work, worldwide, on nutrient and herbal approaches for bipolar disorder. It is geared to both general public and health professional and researcher. It offers physicians an in-depth view of potential treatments, nutrient-relevant symptoms, labs and research. And it gives patients and other interested persons insight into nutrients and health issues relevant to them, and a means to have more effect on treatment choices.

Some of the highlights of the new compendium:

  • The latest in bipolar research, including the Walsh/ deVito theory, which suggests difficulty  removing extra-neuronal potassium is a major cause of moodswing.
  • Genes are not everything! The book looks at how nutrients like folate, methionine, SAMe, and niacin change the extent to which genes that influence mood are expressed (epigenetics).
  • Further refinements on pyroluria (a stress disorder) and methylation therapies, including a methylation diagram which emphasizes nutrients.
  • Added emphasis on the effects of folate, the copper/zinc balance, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. 
  • A new, more effective, less damaging, metal detox approach.
  • More on allergic/ immune reactions, inflammation, autoimmunity, and cellular energetics.
  • Additional info on specific nutrients, diet, sugar metabolism, gut issues, endocrines, other health factors.
  • Updated resources, expanded references.
Available here.